Scholarship Applications

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Total Amount: $4,200.00 annually (up to $700.00/student)

Disbursements: Equally between amount of eligible recipients, but no more than the amount of Dollars for Scholars Scholarships.

Eligibility: Any legal dependent of a Kiwanis member in good standing in the year prior to receiving any funds. Good standing meaning member has to have attended a minimum of 12 meetings in the year prior to the scholarship being awarded and paid up in dues.

Age Requirements: Not older than 24 years of age at the time of the application. Application must have a high school diploma or equivalent.

Application Deadline: June 1st of each year.

 Awarding of Scholarships: 1st Tuesday of August each year.

 Dispersal of Funds: Funds to be dispersed to (student/school) after 1st Semester. A letter stating that the recipient is in good standing at the school must be received before funds will be released. A true copy of the 1st Semester transcript can be used in place of a letter of good stating. Any unused funds will be kept in the scholarship fund.

Amount of Scholarships Available To Student: 1 Per Lifetime, cannot receive Kiwanis Scholarships in the same year as they receive Dollar for Scholars Scholarships; can apply as many times as eligible after that. No limit on amount of scholarships available per family.

 Funds available to anyone attending school of continued education (must offer a degree of some kind).